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I wanted to share with you an opportunity I recently had to contribute to a book called FROM ADVERSITY TO SUCCESS: CHANGE YOUR THINKING CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

This book is a collaboration of Mastermind members including Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor.

In this book I talk about FINDING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.   More specifically, I speak to other women.  I love empowering women through information sharing, encouragement, and looking for life’s messages, moving past the adversity.  I have learned to look for the growth message in my life experiences.  I have also learned to recognize and overcome the  self-defeating “self talk” .. and yes, we all have it.

The message here is to stay true to your values, beliefs, and goals.  Don’t let anyone tell you no.  (I don’t)

In this book, I talk about my journey and these concepts in my chapter (which starts on page 30).

Click HERE to download just my chapter (“Finding Your Authentic Self: Empowering Other Women to Step Up and Step Out“)

I’ll add a link to purchasing the whole book as soon as it’s available!


Theresa Cangemi, CSA, CLTC
President of Medicare Made Simple, LLC