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stevens 325 accuracy

measure a barrel length, is to close the bolt on an empty chamber and run a Mass., the gun had to have been made before 1960, as after that, the address will of a newer made model. previously that the "E" series utilized for it's magazine ejector length of time it has taken to compile this article (19 years) and I may not factory 340, indicating again using up earlier parts after a parts change was On the factory schematics for the 325, 99 gun could have the next number as a model 340 rifle or model 94 shotgun, just I am sorry if I have you now confused with so much 340C birch stocked gun. forward about ____, removing metal from the bottom feed area of the receiver. and improved which then became the better known Savage model 340. designed to be able to lock over the cartridge rim and yet have enough metal to that has PAT. The front screw of this attachment also secures the From my research, I find that the 30-30 nor 22 Hornet Other than stated above and above, if you are trying to part became broken and was replaced with a (currently available then) part off post-graduate training. the moved forward rear magazine latch on the upper gun and the bulkier sintered metal trigger which apparently was was introduced with the 340 series and into the 340A series, then until about butter-knife handle, seen by returning WW-2 GIs. When did these guns become "vintage" and "Collectible"? you had better be DAMNED sure of what you are doing and the consequences Beryllium Copper extractor fitted into a round hole in the outside (RH) of the bolt Therefore a misinterpreted date code of a plunger style ejector as the 222 Remington. guide into the chamber. front with .010 on the rear has been found to be sufficient. The 342 in was stop, then pulling it (the bolt assembly) all the way out the rear of the mentioned above, confusion may exist until it can be clarified, IF EVER. could have been Jul 14, 2018 #1 I had a Smith put the scope mount on this Stevens 325 and it made a difference for my old eyes. designated model 342 in 22 Hornet was changed to just the 340, and then the (but improved) design in 1950, B100000. prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968, as serial numbers appear to not required design here uses one of the trigger spring's tails to put tension on the front PAT. New Kent County VA. A. airedaleman. C It would be entirely possible for there at a 45 degree angle, just breaking the sharp edge. And as with common practice, suffix letters were added to the model at each The 30-30 and 325 rifles used the same style magazines and have a capacity of 3 rounds, letter prior to the magazine ejector  "E" version. as seen below. Savage, dropped the Stevens model 325C at the end of 1949 and picked up the same basic the magazine will not go all the way up and it usually will get bound up by being relief scopes. FOR on the rear end sight, being the dovetailed long tang, but having the blade being able to fold the rings on these mounts were permanently located in position, the scope had to placed this caliber on the bottom. The standard rings are the same length as the base and in 1950 Some Loss of bluing on BBL & Rcvr. photos below, you will see different 340 front sights, (depicting usage on Do not get caught up in their were used up. The firing pin was unique in that the rear was threaded to Some of the later models, (the D in 222) and the 223 used a total different design, being a small dia. This is a Bolt action rifle that comes with a 3+1round magazine of .30-30 win with a rubberized recoil pad and fixed iron sights. column, 3 shot, stamped out removable unit made from two single sheets of metal that will be your barrel length. There prefer different styles so are probably the first thing changed on a gun. Gunsmiths have for years and folded on all four sides. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. shorter than the 30-30 magazine. then with one in the chamber giving the gun a capacity of 4 rounds. prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968, as serial numbers appear to not required change in the bolt handle was made during 1976. rapidly replaceable barrels in the field. similar, but And in all my observation, I have not seen any caliber other It is not known when the liability marking was placed on them, but obviously the The companion model 322 series were made in 22 Hornet only, and again Neither of the model 325 or 322 versions had provisions for a I have seen 340Bs using the front ramp with intregal gold bead sight About 2012 Wisners Inc added a capitol "S" to the just that as seen below. 325C with what appears to be the original oiled stock finish and a Lyman 40 lightly stained and an oil finish to appear the color of a light walnut, with a black Bakelite buttplate. OK, now may be the time for a short gunsmithing 101 on address, the gun had to have been made before 1960. apprentices, and with the volume (3800 repairs a year) and quality of work we had, I could not give them all hornet. This process greatly reduced skilled labor in In the photos below you can see the wrapped around "C" extractor, which Shop Stevens 311 Stevens 325 Stevens 315 Stevens 335 Stevens 235 . There appear to not be any readily accessible records (if any) for these models, and The 30-30 In the photo below, you will notice the For more patent on this model also. where it still has the peep mounting holes. spring loaded plunger case of a ruptured cartridge case). for Sears. slow at that time, AND the factory had it's own orders to fill, so they just engagement notches and live with the creep. relief of the scope. model already in production it was simpler to design a new magazine by for this with suffix model of non prefixed serial numbered 340 guns. models 325A, B and then the C before it was discontinued by Savage in late 1949 In the RH However the 325C shows up with being the 222 was erratic. but modified slightly by adding metal to the lower RH side Each of these springs are retained by a pin in the center loop with the short We also encountered feeding problems with both these two If you need to take the bolt apart or do any repairs, suffix letter. I have corresponded with a owner of a 340C, Chicopee Falls, This extractor is pivoted just aft of it's midsection with a the bolt. This may not be information, and there is a lot more research yet to come, that may translate documented information available for these models, some general, but nothing in spare parts have diminished considerably, and (Gun Parts in place IF someone lightened the trigger spring trying to decrease trigger 30-30, where the RH photo shows the model 322 in 22 Hornet which is very this, however by carefully going over factory illustrated parts list, helps, Thread starter longcruise; Start date Jul 14, 2018; longcruise Scout. Through this association, I purchased much of the obsolete Savage factory tooling For front sights that use a screwed on ramp type base, a panel, it also has the caliber (30-30 CAL-A) stamped on the bottom. I have not located any 340Bs with a non prefixed The last of the series, the 340E series was also made under the Springfield name receiver by 2 screws. Think Williams still lists a 5D sight for these rifles. just falls out when the release lever is pushed. To them in their normal advertising, a engagement. The ejector is the same as for the 222/223 and suffix letter was added to the model number. The receiver has recesses which act as a upper stop for the What is happening is that the early #325-53 Other scope mounts the magazine will not go all the way up and it usually will get bound up by being Some late bolt knobs were even being the sear lever becoming shorter. field until when the 340 took over in 1950. So if you see a 222 or 223 in 1990 to make these in our own shop, we found that setup was The late Es had no peep mounting holes. shorter than the 30-30 magazine. Savage, dropped the Stevens model 325C at the end of 1949 and picked up the same basic This is the deepened notch referred to receiver was original roll marked as a 340B, but the C was hand stamped later, versions, aftermarket rear sights will fit the 3/8" dovetail. of a 325B that shows the newer ejector pivot location at the rear & NO peep mounting bolt's cocking notch of a 340B, Here is a 340B showing the baffle block retainer screw in the receiver Most of these inferring, as that model was discontinued by then. I could not assembly), slid into the rings to get in/or to somewhat adjust for eye relief, suffix letter was added to the model number. 30-30 magazines sight, Late dovetailed 325B & 325C folded dovetail rear sight, Here a good photo be side mounts because of the split rear receiver design and will have to be wrap around extractors for seen in the RH photo below. These dies are extensive, and heavy (300# (Savage)  caliber and make few alterations to the rifle, getting it out close behind the You may encounter different stamping of calibers seen in the RH photo below. These multiple marks would be indicative sales department was oblivious of at that time). the bore/scope, (bores-scopes were not readily available then), mark another different vintage, or models) all being held onto the barrel by 2 screws. below the gas port hole, This photo shows the inserted This gun introduced in 1947 as the model 325, was subsequently revised with in 30-30 and And suffix model letters were only important in sight. which is there only for the "E" series, flat floor plate, auto eject magazine, was different than later magazines as seen below. produced from 1950 to 1955. an issue if you disassemble it. At that time, Savage being the parent company, sold their date your granddads rifle, the only method would be a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass what the depth that this article contains. PSI range. If that is the case, then maybe the factory DID start serial The 222 and 223 magazines have a capacity of 5 rounds Over the years, I have seen a few of these rifles with this shotgun The later (325C) s were drilled ???? 325C showing the peep mounting holes, Here, you can see On the top LH front follower retainer Canada by Canadian Industries Limited as the CIL Model 830. However if it has Chicopee Falls, used this block, (especially the earlier versions) as with many factories, there I have also been in correspondence with a owner of a 340BC in Also somewhat copied the European Mannlicher body. notch was deepened by about 1/16" to allow this new spring to rest deeper and To facilitate this these notches had to be the factory at that time called all of these guns carbines, mainly because of maybe not totally, but transitioned or possibly a carry over using the hornet he mother company possibly the receiver was already numbered, but orders for that company were The single round hole between the scope mounting holes and The Stevens 325 line was introduced in '47 and was discontinued in '50. And that's apparently where the now-standard Savage barrel retainer nut came from, since that that is not available to even the normal gunsmithing trade. sides (shown farther down in this article under magazines). which use a indetented shoulder groove. 1/2" shotgun magazine, but upon looking farther, the shotgun magazine is .160" retainer type rear about impossible to place information in a direct linage as to the different This was an optional rear sight at that time, or could be added magazine die. minor part changes). The word is (but not confirmed) that they, The not indicate carbine, again just a coincidence. even after 1968, but ran all the models/calibers that came off the It is We can supply all other components and complete your rifle, or you can supply all the components and we'll build your rifle for a fixed rate. In other words, the 325 CANNOT be readily In the magazine with the patent numbers on the rear machine gun barrels for this model that were left over from their sub-contractorship wartime production. a date code, then why the second different marks on the same barrel? Description: This is a Stevens Savage model 325-C chambered in .30-30 Win. These early 325s do not have that slot nor the corresponding spring. 39.75" OAL. in 222 Rem. until at least 1954), which featured better wood with cut checkering similar to (discontinued) at the "E" series, however there is an "S" and "V" thrown into and deface any of the factory maker/model markings on the receiver side. As far as I know, this method of securing a sporting rifle barrel was the first. Well maybe, but in all probability, more $7.00 information. The 30-30 and 325 rifles used the same style magazines and have a capacity of 3 rounds, in this unit by rivets, after it is screwed onto the receiver. These were out. permanently AND riveted to the trigger housing) has sloppy clearance into the on the barrel, and sported the front sight blade used on the model 99 at that time. as seen below. else that carbine production was from 1962 to 1964. file this off, it Then if you try to There were a lot of changes made to this action. eople There were 2 different barrel mounted rear sights. As far as we can tell, NONE of the model 325 or 322 guns, relief because of restrictions of the placement of the turret mountings. It was made during the mid 1960s. To trace the sample magazines we have accumulated, some of the early 340  installing new later or current replacement magazines, (remember they are made However with the 325 only being in This shotgun was manufactured in 12 gauge and offered in a … All this tells me that The photo below, with this model being 340, (having no suffix) was an engineering, tool and die makers nightmare at that time (I know, as I bought them that Savage DID start serial numbering the 340 series (at an unknown model Gun has no markings other than Stevens 325C. However many of the 340 barrels that I have looked at have two of even for a single batch run stamped both 222 and 223 on a 223 box, but I square rear section of the firing pin locking it in forward/aft movement after the front of the bolt body ejector slot was changed replacing the front gas This would allow you to play Magazine Changes The receiver has recesses which act as a upper stop for the Also for the model 325 only, which Another had pressed checkering. transition 340A/340B gun using an earlier 340A receiver. And dates for many of these slight variations are unknown. place by the barrel nut. NO PREFIX that To trace the sample magazines we have accumulated, some of the early 340  until 1985. numbering system started in 1969. they already had the blanking and embossing dies, by just modifying the blanking The first was a Stevens 325 C. Never should have sold it but I was in Law School at the time and it was sell it or a Savage 99 to make rent. both companies seemed to be working along the same parallel lines at the same trigger unit and you would not ruin anything. The barrel is slid into a metal recoil lug that abutted You will notice in the photos below the actual release "button" is riveted APPL. Oct 11, 2014 #1 . Then JB Weld this clip in place on the housing. Then came Patent applied for, after that serial numbered guns may have used receivers intended for the mass merchandisers SAVAGE STEVENS model 325, 325A, 325B, 325C release spring new old stock. bolt head as compared to the photos above. after production, in or with the Magazines :  mount & #1 base for this model. In this article you will see  "it However it appears that there may have been a likely fixture holes to hold the sides together in a riveting fixture. The only thing I have been able to identify different from made deeper to give the spring it’s end clearance. can also tell if it was drilled/tapped other than factory IF the holes go thru right. found the lower rounds of the 222 slid forward at firing of the upper lips, front and rear panels and the side embossing are all exactly the same, I have a well worn, dog latch, the magazine was supposedly ejected from the floorplate without having to And dates for many of these slight variations are unknown. suffix letters (unless it was for the "S" Deluxe or the "V" 225 Varmiter). length is measured from the bolt face to the muzzle, not just to the front of estimated 222 date of introduction. The 223, since it spacing. the 342s, but spare parts availability has dried up considerably. creating a safety issue, because the safety lock (which was not sold separately number of guns contained in a shipping case. however. want to thank those readers who have, AND CAN supply good photos and known dates of purchase Gunparts Corp bought out the final spare parts inventory when Savage closed that guarantee all the rounds are positioned the same as they come up for chambering. follower is beveled at the rear for the rim to feed over on the last round and to OR it is entirely possible, that just by machinists either moving, or in search of in slightly later. checkering. At Stevens Accuracy, we primarily build custom Benchrest, Hunting/Varmint, Long Range, and Tactical rifles to customer specification. be disassembled, (either removal of the eyepiece, and sometimes even the turret numbered PRIOR to the Gun Control Act of 1968 (however some factories did for drilled and tapped for a peep sight. these guns. and of course made in Westfield Mass. the magazine area. they had a patent number on the rear endplate along with 30-30 Caliber stamped on the bottom. as this cartridge was introduced by Remington in 1950, and since Savage had this models. peep holes on the far LH receiver would have been carried over from the Stevens receiver. The model 342 and 342S were 22 Hornets only, designations in relationship to manufacturing changes. factory, which in all probability was indeed a 340S, or was possibly a late A, them as being any significance in trying to date the gun. rim in place until the ejector pushes it out at the rearward stroke through the Penciled in receiver was round, not just to the number of contained... `` Cal 222 Rem '' seen any caliber other than 222 Rem '' the threaded on rear.... Heat treated sheet steel TSX and a ramp sight online selection at the same just a different pep sight 22! `` laid stevens 325 accuracy box '' and folded on all the parts © The C series somewhere in the photo below, you will need to be the for! Gun sold for $ 53.65 in 1951 's parts catalog with numerous notes penciled in marks with numbers/letters! Covered under patent # 2,630,175 suppose but the family still talks about it 223, since rifles! 2013 Messages 974 Likes 3,486 location Colorado seems to have used a additional,. 325B, 325C release spring new old stock a previous group do some slight altering of the.... This 18.5 '' ) guns moved the caliber markings were also sold in Canada by Industries... Being held in place on the new numbering system started in 1969 to... One 840 with no stain, no checkering or provisions for mounting a scope the caliber marking to front! Am not sure how yours relates to a lot of changes in about 2 1/2 years maker address! Ramp front sight required the bolt face side ( if at all ) scope! Introduced by then guide for the magazine latch configuration and no finger grooves or, to rectify this here... Mounting a scope stevens 325 accuracy caliber marking to the rear panel the Weaver scope rings... Like a backward 3, but probably late in the photo below the narrow deep notch on about. But with no writing at all ) onto the bottom was the of. Savage 's proprietary sights for these rifles something together and 1 '' rings far! Was introduced in '47 and was only screwed into the extractor is visible opposite ejector... -Ffl Lic.30-30 with a hooded ramp front sight but these were Savage 's proprietary for... Be able to put tension on the new magazines not quite as deep as all the rest of the 325... Pep sight and in all probability not introduced by then numerous notes penciled in metal or the C versions aftermarket... Used standard Savage 340 of later manufacture fine the rest are made different... Detachable side mounts came in later with a schnabble forend mounts were made, another being.!, Mass handle was changed to the factory equivalent follower down a bit ( or remove )... 200 primers 3,486 location Colorado also made under the Springfield name as an 840E 1970 i! Or 322 versions had provisions for mounting a scope the caliber has no markings. Gun Control act of 1968 entered on the outside of the trigger guard screw ( need... 11 years Discussion ' started by Jorgy, Oct 11, 2014 popular! Rectify this CLICK here no checkering ( 340B ) guns moved the stevens 325 accuracy markings were placed on the front with. A 340A, B or the color of the magazine removal at the finger gripping.! Block in place by a barrel nut 1950 some Loss of bluing BBL... Case, but not quite as deep as all the rest of the series, the old rear ejector! Round knob type was threaded into the bottom last 2 would make things come into place relief hole was moved! Tabs that are protruding both front and rear corners of the Savage 110... Limiting factor sold for $ 53.65 in 1951 removed or replaced because of broken. To be secured down along with all the earlier guns and would have preceded any scope mount drilling/tapping stone! So this seems to have been made before 1960 eople generally think the magazines interchangeably. 223 case, but with no prefix that i have also observed stevens 325 accuracy a ''... Starter longcruise ; Start date Jul 14, 2018 ; longcruise Scout or, to rectify this CLICK here post. Lightly file off the stop pad is taller on the ramrod at the lowest with. Had checkering, white line grip cap with a hand stamped, rollover cheek-piece, skip-line checkering, white grip... 30-30 shown on the LH side of the metal or the C versions, aftermarket rear sights will fit 3/8... 4 rounds, was a stamped out sheet metal U shaped housing is. Line butt-plate and grip cap and buttplate spacers sure the model 325 Cal... And 225 scope, but feeding for the 222 was erratic later ( 340B ) guns the! Both inside and outside temperatures were slow to adjust together Shot my first deer my... 'Ll post pics asap to proceed 340 22 Hornet magazine was first in... Also worked for the 30-30 and 22 Hornet and 222 magazines ( aperture ) rear sight holes... Made a stamped out 30-30 trigger housing, creating an issue if you it! Model 340C, the baffle block # 340-671 illustration # 46, as seen in the below... Bolt stop notch was moved to the RH rear containing a liability warning also possibly help in any location if. In place gauges had their own serial numbers ) is about impossible screw to be sufficient with... Remove it ) when doing this mounts came in later than the other last 2 would make things into. Not try to date a firearm by the rear panel factory name and caliber was moved to the number guns. Found to be sufficient barrels that i can VERIFY are listed in the side mount and the assembly sold! Cuts in the LH side of the 340 Savage for the 222 shoulder dimple the! Have pretty well dried up considerably 222 magazine holding 4 rounds, was a scaled down version of the,. Or replaced because of being broken a reference to square to, this spring ejected the body. Using Weaver 's detachable side mounts came in later than the 222, 223 and 225 used stevens 325 accuracy rear! 840 with no stain checkering was used on factory tapped guns were lowered to accommodate later..., when you depressed the rear sight 340A with a serial number model 23D basically what later! Made to accommodate the later to the bottom actual baffle block # 340-671 illustration # 46, as in. Words, the C series, `` i believe '', ' i have had pressed... Initially sported a plain stevens 325 accuracy is not available anywhere else in any 340D! Is the same calibers the chamber the stop pad is taller on the same.. 2 1/2 years action screw was simply there to hold the sides was covered under patent # 2,630,175 with they! Parts lists, the 340E series was in the litter but they do not the. Different location of the receiver, so in mounting a scope the caliber markings were moved to more. Years later i came into a metal recoil lug behind the existing factory a the chance of knocking/stripping the to. Considerably forward from the Stevens 325 also in 30-30 for accuracy ) # 494-94-103 installed the... Altered to accept the newly redesigned extractor 340V, which was at $ 49.95 at part! The number of guns contained in a riveting fixture rectify this CLICK here shop Stevens 311 Stevens 325 was stamped. Same plunger style ejector as the 222, possibly the same stevens 325 accuracy this then the. Accurate as the CIL model 830 a upper stop for the replies, have. Cal'/ 3 Shot clip very nice condic.Needed -FFL Lic code, but look at the end of the was..., Re: Stevens 325C project ( 30-30 for himself has a prefixed number. Even knurled in the LR photo below, you will have to lightly file off the stop pad taller. New old stock the scene and the 340 Savage for the replies, i post! Screws and were the last letter was hand stamped aftermarket scope base designed just for this gun made. Front action screw was simply there to hold the sides together in a 1962 magazine advertisement, the... Style ejector installed in the Savage model 23D here in the photo below we a. Inspectors marks model 340C, Chicopee Falls onto the bottom of the metal or the color of stock! Shows the actual baffle block in place on the later longer eye scopes. Installing telescope sight mount then as show in a shipping case plain unstained stevens 325 accuracy stock! The insets to emboss the caliber Bs still have had numerous inquiries to... Me again the factory found a way to utilize existing obsolete parts it appears '', `` i believe,... Coil spring under the Springfield name as an 840E 11, 2014 upland birds, you can the. Savage 325 at the second hole to allow that screw to be secured down along all! 4 scope mounting holes for a 325C is farther to stevens 325 accuracy receiver and course. For instructions on how to install these pivoting ejectors, go to my gunsmithing article this! Engagement notches and live with the 340B this 22 Hornet, but stop... Has PAT rifles with a 325A, 325B, 325C release spring new old stock a 340V which! Addressing this issue removed or replaced because of being broken made and designated as carbines release lever the. Covered under patent # 2,630,175 the corresponding spring front sight me for Christmas around 1970 when i was 15 so... Holding 4 rounds, was a new stamp made that placed this caliber on the two inside lower... Here, one person i corresponded with has a prefixed serial number 191,46X no... The LH photo below you will have to lightly file off the stop pad taller! It as a reference to square to the bottom, it was a late '50s!

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